Icosystem combines expertise in human behavior & decision-making with simulation and optimization techniques inspired by complexity science and biology to build predictive analytics solutions. These software simulations reflect the complex network of connections that make up real systems and make it possible to see emergent patterns and anticipate the impact of unexpected events.

Companies and government agencies worldwide use Icosystem’s predictive analytics to turn data into decisions about financial savings, faster time to market, more efficient use of resources, better products, and increased operational efficiency.




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"La Poste is always looking for ways to improve the productivity of its mail distribution and keep mail carriers engaged. Icosystem showed us the route!"

--Raymond Redding, CEO, La Poste Mail

As a result of Icosystem's analysis, our client identified operations improvements and pricing changes, adding 10% directly to bottom line.

"As a pioneer in the use of quantitative metrics and analytics, we at Harrah's recognize Icosystem as a clear leader in the field."

--Gary Loveman, CEO of Harrah's

"Icosystem's model was able to predict the future evolution of the infection with enough accuracy to give us confidence that we could use it to investigate intervention strategies."

--Paul Waldron, Director of Fraud Operations, France Telecom

"Icosystem's technology can help save agencies and their clients millions of dollars."

-- Maury Giles, VP, Analytics and Accountability at GSD&M

"With its focus on consumer-centric accountability and cross-media ROI, the tool has helped Dentsu earn not just more work but also satisfaction from its clients."

-- Masakazu Okano, Deputy Director, Marketing and Media Planning Division

"The Engagement Optimization Tool that Icosystem developed for us provides predictive analytics used within all the proposals we prepare for our clients."

-- Stuart Slutzky, Senior Vice President of Product Development, The Vitality Group

"Compared to a standard 40 months and roughly $25 million, ...[we] reached the same amount of technical success in a year and a day with a total expenditure on the order of $2.7 million."

--Neil Bodick, COO, Eli Lilly Chorus

"Using Icosystem's technology is a major advance in our ability to develop targeted, customized benefit solutions for employers. This is like moving from the Farmer's Almanac to Doppler Radar."

--Jack Lord, Chief Innovation Officer, Humana

Icosystem Corporation • 222 Third Street, Suite 0142, Cambridge, MA 02142 • Voice: (617) 520 1000

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